Just the wait ..

How many is too many one night stands was my final thought before releasing this weeks stress insides of my last dates mouth, truthfully speaking recent Instagram friend. Why is that it is easier to get a quick nut and conversations through social media rather having a drink in a bar or a day at the beach. Intially making plans with IG: brooklynbrando I assumed we have a few drinks and go a few rounds. Tension pent up from weeks of sending sexuals memes through dm to control an urge set the mood in the dark hotel room. Brandon just knew what to do to get a woman comfortable , aliging the rooms with white candles and body oil made the simple but pleasant gesture all the more exciting. Counteracting with quick memes about turn ons and attractions filled my mind with impatiently waiting to be handcuffed and fucked with no respect. Sweetly made love to for the past 6 years almost felt like it killed my drive . I needed a leader who I would find in my hoe prowl over soical media. Never posting nudes but always answering dms no one would know that my crave for sex was at a all time high and it seemed to rise. Curiously dressed in black lace shorts and bra with choker chain I stood ready for brandon to lead me to his world. Although no lights throughout the room the candle lighting shined the darkness that layed in his eyes. With anger and determination brandon grabbed my body and pin me face down.